We've picked out the best products for your cats...

For Kittens...

Catnip Parcel

Kittens love to play and enjoy a toy they can sink their claws into!

  • Small soft toy that both cats and kittens adore 
  • Lightweight perfect for small paws to have fun with 

Duo Cat Bed

Kittens tend to like enclosed spaces, as it makes them feel warm, safe and secure.

  • Fits into a pet carrier for their first trip in a car
  • Use the tie strings to create a cozy safe cat bed in their new home

For older cats...

Cozy Doughnut Cat Bed

Because of muscle tone loss and joint pain a senior cat will tend to prefer sleeping on something other than a hard surface.

  • Thick padded design to help cushion their head and create a warm cozy cat bed
  • Super soft fabric, cat(s) can snuggle into for the perfect cat nap!

Santos Floor Cat Scratcher

An older cat still needs to scratch to exercise his muscles and stretch its limbs, having a scratching post readily available can help with this.

  • Solid oak design with strong sisal rope
  • Stylish modern floor cat scratcher that looks great in any home

For larger cats...

Rectangle Double Doughnut Cat Bed

Big cats need spacious designs that are large enough for a cat to get comfortable.

  • Large luxury design perfect for big cats
  • Soft, durable and machine washable fabric

Square Tigga Cat Tree

Large cats need a strong and sturdy cat tree to be able to climb with confidence and remain safe.

  • Solid oak or granite base to create a stable stylish cat tree
  • Multi layer design perfect for cat scratching, climbing and exercise

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