About Baa Baa Sheep Fleeces

How did we get here!
After 14 yrs of designing & making our stunning cat scratching towers. I am always on the look out for new ideas and sustainability in our products for both cats welfare and of course our lovely owners.
Whilst we were walking about a market late 2022 I discovered the most amazing stand of wet felted sheeps fleeces. They were tactile & stunning to look at. In amongst these I spotted some smaller pieces and my creative juices began to flow as I grabbed Pete & said how amazing these would look on our towers / inside the wicker baskets.
Supporting British Farmers !
Talking to the small business owner I began to learn how the skill was some 5,000 years old originating from Asia. The draw for her and me was it was ethical, 100% natural wool using your hands and some grit and determination to create these individual pieces. 
In many areas it is known as vegetarian fleeces as sheep need to be annually sheered for health and safety. But also you support British farmers offering to purchase fleeces to work with which these days fetch less than it costs to shear a sheep. A win win in my view!

After re searching the process I decided to learn the trade myself!

After further chatting to understand these fleeces would last a life time ( after all they last a sheep pretty well) and were machine washable on a wool cycle. It was an obvious route to pursue. A bed, rug, cushion perfect for the home, our cat towers and would keep any animal warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Of course animals like humans are attracted to natural wool and with no chemicals or animals harmed with no synthetic processes used ( unlike commercial stores who bulk buy cheap options) it seemed to me to be the perfect fit. 

Also when buying from me I could list the farm, age and wool of each piece giving 100% traceability. 

In Feb 2023 I found my mentor in Scotland. Some 4 hours away who has been a godsend with her help support and many hours helping me learn the art to produce these stunning pieces of work. 

It was not until I attended the course I began to understand the science and man hours each one takes. It explained why the price of these pieces for a full hogs fleece could reach £500 in some instances. When you learn the beautifying stage alone can make some 12 - 18 hours! It is not a job for the faint hearted. You need muscles and determination plus of course the knowledge to know when you have rolled enough.

As TT Luxury Cat Towers is a niche product I really wanted to add this aspect to our range with the option to book your own wool and fleeces for the home as well as for our towers. 

Baa Baa Fleeces ready to make their way to your home?

The TT will always remain with me, but I have moved back to where we started the Cat Towers. The new range is exciting, innovative and for me most importantly of all sustainable.  

With the new name comes new branding and a new streamlined identity but still the same top quality and service.0 

It is all about the Cat Towers and beds to fit the towers. Using recyclable materials such as Bamboo we have removed the mdf element from our manufacture process. Our wicker cat baskets are quite simply stunning with new designs and shapes unique to us.  

Learning the Trade 
  • Wool is like hair and it reacts differently every time.It can suffer from stress, hormones and even pregnancy. To avoid this and have the best quality wool to work with. I only purchase Shearling or Hog fleeces. These are from flocks who have having a first shear at 12 months old or 18 months as they approach maturity BUT before pregnancy.  One fleece can drive you crazy as the Jacobs did for me and then you work on another and it is a dream to felt. Of course VM (vegetation matter vary depending on where the flock live) but when the fleece gets to the beautifying stage and you begin to see the end in sight .
  •  Another important factor for me was products. I use Olive oil soap and Organic wool washes, cider vinegar and a little lavender oil to create the perfect end result and restore the wool. No chemical treatments are used in the tradditonal methods which means a felted wool rug from me is exactly that. 

The result
The end stage is probably the most labour intensive and is likened to the ugly duckling stage. As you begin the hours of separating each flock of wool and removing any damage. Slowly you see the swan emerge. That for me is the most rewarding part.  So whilst the process is hours of work spread over several days. You end up with a stunning 100% natural wool rug / cushion that will give you or your pets many years of comfort.
If you would like more information or to discuss a bespoke piece do get in contact and we can have a chat. 

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into this new venture and perhaps it has got your creative juices flowing on something for you. There will be plenty more updates and news reels as I produce new pieces so keep your eyes peeled. 

Like TT Luxury Cat Towers, Baa Baa fleeces are made with love by Sam in Cheshire.  If you want a specific fleece / size and spec then let’s book that appointment to have a chat and get creative.  

My goal is to continue to evolve into the new era with our sustainable Cat Towers but also Baa Baa fleeces as a sustainable 100% natural quality product. Providing the service and support to the best of my ability. 

So, what are you waiting for come and find me at a show, email or simply pick up the phone and say hello? Not only am I happy to talk towers but also Sheep fleeces and all things wool




Samantha Marsh  

Founder TT Luxury Cat Towers  

Master Baa Baa Fleece maker!