Luxury Cat Towers 2 year guarantee

TT Luxury Cat Towers offer a unique 2 year guarantee on all our Cat Towers. No other products are included. Below are the guidelines. When you purchase a pole, you will receive a receipt dated with your name and product details. This will act as your guarantee and proof of purchase. 

Please see product care for some advice on how to look after your TT Luxury Cat Towers product. 

The 2 year guarantee covers the construction aspects of your pole including the materials used. The issue will be assessed and either repaired or a replacement issued. 

Please note this guarantee is subject to allow for reasonable wear and tear to items such as the sisal rope. We reserve the right to refuse repair/replacement if we believe a fault is the result of accidental damage. TT Luxury Cat Towers are designed as indoor poles. For a suitable outdoor and weather resistant pole please contact us. 

Please note wood is not suitable for extreme changes in temperature. If you wish to place your tower next to a radiator, in a conservatory then a granite base with wicker beds is the best option. 

If in doubt please contact the sales teamIn the unlikely event of your tower not living up to the above guarantee please contact us.